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Cindi Avila’s Recipe of the Month- Easy Penne

It’s that time again! Last night I made Chef Cindi Avila’s Easy Penne recipe featuring Lightlife Smart Sausages® Italian Style. If you’re looking for a fast weeknight meal that looks and tastes like it took much longer to prepare than it really did, this is the recipe for you! To cook the entire meal, it … Continue reading

U.S. Dietary Guidelines: What are you doing to follow them?

According to a press release announcing the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, there is an obesity epidemic among men, women, and children in all segments of our society, along with many other health issues. With the non-stop, Energizer Bunny attitude of American culture, it’s no wonder people seek quick and easy meals to eat. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

The Month of College Basketball…

How many of you like college basketball? I’m all for supporting college athletics; I would much rather watch a student, not getting paid an absurd about of money to do something they love, than a pro, any day of the week. But I cannot stand watching basketball. I’ve tried- trust me I have. There is … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day, I’m venturing out of my comfort zone and making Irish soda bread. I’ve never made any sort of bread before, but figured St. Patty’s Day was the perfect time to try! I’m partly Irish and a ton of other things all mixed together. I know a little bit about my family’s … Continue reading

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