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It’s Earth Day – Stay Green!

I think the saying ‘going green’ is kind of old news. By now, I hope most of us are at least aware that the world needs us to change some of our ways if we expect to be here for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I think going green is great, but I just want to yell, “ok, ok I get it!” every time I see it written somewhere. 😛

My point is I think we need to stick to our guns and stay green, instead of just going there. I have enough canvas bags to bring home a truckload of groceries and somehow I still manage to forget them more often than not when I’m at the store. What is with that!? Maybe it’s just me that can’t seem to stay green consistently, but either way in honor of our Mother Earth on this Earth Day; I’m pledging to stay green.

No more plastic bags! From now on I will bring my canvas bags back out to my car after I unpack my groceries so they are there for me on my next trip. I will be switching out all of my light bulbs to LED ones, taking shorter showers, and washing my clothes in cold water. I’ve already left sticky notes on my shower and washing machine to remind me! A few other simple ideas that I’ve surprisingly already mastered are drinking from the same reusable water bottle, eating only locally-grown foods, and recycling.

Anyway, we are officially a month into spring, and what a better way to really celebrate Earth Day itself, than to plant a tree! Since I don’t have a back yard, and apparently nurseries around me don’t actually sell saplings like I used to get in grade school on Earth Day, I decided to plant a shrub instead. A Green Gem Boxwood to be exact. My friend and her daughter came over this morning to help me plant it & we had a blast!

Bella helping to dig the hole.

My Earth Day Shrub - named tiny 😉

So get out there and plant a tree (or a shrub), remind yourself that we all need to respect nature and our Earth, and stay green!

How will you remind yourself to do it?


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