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1st Trip to the Farm


So my farm share finally started last week. It’s about time — I’m not sure I could have waited any longer! The weather has been quite strange here so far this spring. It was cold, and then it jumped to 90° in a matter of days. Needless to say, my allergies are quite confused and so are the vegetable crops! Hence why my first trip to the farm was slightly anticlimactic, but I still had a blast picking my own herbs and the first strawberries of the season to turn ripe.





My favorite part of having a share is getting vegetables every week that I normally wouldn’t think to buy at the store. This week that veggie was fiddleheads! Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern, which basically means the bottom of a fern before it grows taller and opens. I giggle just thinking of the word fiddlehead — I don’t know why — I guess it just sounds silly to me. 😛

As soon as I got home from the farm, I quickly looked up a few recipes and learned that fiddleheads are often paired with bacon. Obviously my initial reaction was to run to my refrigerator to make sure I had my usual stash of Smart Bacon, and sure enough there it was. For dinner I made a stir-fry including garlic, chives, a Vidalia onion, tempeh, Smart Bacon, and fiddleheads. As I was cooking I thought to myself — hmmm this may turn out veeeery strange — but it didn’t! It was absolutely delicious!! Next time I have them to cook with, I think I’ll try pairing them with Smart Cutlets Sweet & Sour. I have a feeling the sweet & sour sauce would be a great combination.

Do you have a Community Supported Agriculture share? I’m curious as to what other people are getting in their shares in different parts of the country? Why did you choose to get a CSA? Do you know your farmer?


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