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National Picnic Month

Hopefully the ridiculous heat waves sweeping the country passed you by now. What an absurdly hot month it has been! I love summer, but come on sun – give us a break! 😉

August is National Picnic Month, but I have a feeling we haven’t been celebrating as a country this year as we usually do. There is a fine line between being hot outside, and too hot to even go outside. For a lot of us this past month has been almost too hot to bear. But forget National Picnic Month? I don’t think so! I think it’s safe to say we can extend the celebration into September due to the dire weather situation if need be.

It cooled down here in Western Massachusetts this past weekend and I got the chance to make it to the park to have my very own picnic – veggie style. I grilled up a Smart Sausage Italian style and had it on a bun with brown mustard. The perfect picnic food – no fuss, and no mess to clean up afterward.

I think the Smoked and Chorizo styles go well on the grill too, but my favorite to have on a bun by itself is the Italian. Lightlife also has three different types of veggie burgers if you’re in more of a burger kind of mood. Want a veggie bacon burger? Add some Smart Bacon to your Light Burger!

I had a bunch of freshly picked cherry tomatoes and peppers from my farm share so I made veggie skewers to grill as well. 5 cloves of garlic minced, salt, pepper, and olive oil makes the best grilling marinade ever. Not overpowering, but still full of flavor. Nothing is worse than only tasting the marinade and forgetting you’re actually eating vegetables. It sounds like a lot of garlic – and maybe I am a huge garlic lover – but some of it falls off on the grill so I say the more the better. All you have to do is brush the mixture onto your skewers before and while grilling them, and voila!

Just enough food to give me enough energy to make it on the hike that followed my picnic, but not too filling to make me want to sit around and forget the exercise part of my day.

Have you gone on a picnic yet this summer? Is the heat holding you back? I’m hoping to make it at least one more time before fall arrives, so if you have any picnic recipe ideas please do share!


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