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Lisa Donnalley – Sharing her love for Lightlife!

Calling all Lightlife readers, may I have your attention please! We think we’ve found our most loyal fan!

A few weeks ago Lisa Donnalley posted on our Facebook wall about how she eats Lightlife products while stationed abroad serving her country. Well let me just tell you – I nearly fell off my chair while reading her comment! Not only does she love Lightlife, but she found the time in her busy schedule to tell us about it too! Now that’s what I call Lightlife love. 🙂

To top it all off, she graciously agreed to participate in an interview so I could share her story with you all. I hope you enjoy getting to know Lisa just as much as I did!

Blog-itarian: Can you tell me a little bit about your situation stationed abroad? Where are you located, and how long have you been stationed there?

Lisa: I am a Registered Nurse in the United States Air Force holding the rank of Captain. I have been assigned to South Korea for a 20 month tour. My tour ends next month. I love South Korea, but I am ready to go home!


Blog-itarian: Where are you from originally?

Lisa: I am from Ohio…I call Cleveland home.


Blog-itarian: Are you a vegetarian or vegan, or are you trying to reduce the amount of meat in your diet?

Lisa: I am a pretty strict vegetarian. I don’t buy dairy or eggs, but I have eaten food prepared with those ingredients. Also, since I don’t read Hangul (Korean language) deciphering labels is very difficult.


Blog-itarian: How long have you been a vegetarian? What made you decide to take that route?

Lisa: I became a vegetarian in 2008 during a deployment to Iraq. About 75% of my patients were Iraqi women and children who suffered from horrific trauma. Let’s just say it was a very global, eye opening, humbling experience. It made me think about the decisions I make and how I chose to live my life.


Blog-itarian: Is it difficult to eat how you would like while stationed abroad?

Lisa: It is very difficult to eat how I would like, which is why I am not full-on vegan. Social eating is very big in Korean culture and most find it highly unusual that I choose not to eat meat. Restaurants put fish sauce in EVERYTHING, and also egg is a large source of protein here. I carry a little slip of paper which reads in Hangul “Vegetarian, no meat or seafood please. Thank you”. It works about 50% of the time.


Blog-itarian: What is the food like in the area you are in? Are there lots of options?

Lisa: Korea is known for Kimchi and Bulgolgi…and there is plenty of it around here. A lot of people don’t realize kimchi is made with fermented fish paste, therefore, not vegetarian. I have had some vegan kimchi which is pretty delicious and easy…you just omit the fish sauce! There are a couple Loving Hut restaurants over here…I have been to one, but it was quite a trek to get there.


Blog-itarian: When did you first discover Lightlife products? While stationed abroad? Or were you already a fan?

Lisa: I discovered Lightlife products when living in San Antonio. The Commissary* and Whole Foods carried them.

*Note: The Commissary is a worldwide chain of stores providing groceries to military personnel.


Blog-itarian: When did you realize you could find Lightlife products while being away from home?

Lisa: I can usually always rely on the Commissary to carry at least a few vegetarian options. I had no doubt I’d be able to find something while in Korea.


Blog-itarian: Are Lightlife products available to purchase where you are?

Lisa: Yes! I am able to buy Smart Deli Turkey, the Smart Dogs and the Smart Sausages Italian style.


Blog-itarian: Do you cook with them, or are they prepared for you as a vegetarian option?

Lisa: I cook with them. The Italian sausage is great to crumble up and put in spaghetti sauce.


Blog-itarian: What is your favorite thing about Lightlife?

Lisa: I am just very grateful these products are available.


Blog-itarian: What is your favorite Lightlife product?

Lisa: I go through about 2 packs of smart dogs a week! I love them 🙂


Blog-itarian: Do you have a favorite vegetarian recipe?

Lisa: Green curry tofu!


Blog-itarian: What is one fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share?

Lisa: I am trying to teach myself the ukulele!


Wow, now that is dedication! Lisa has a few weeks left on her tour, but we plan on sending her a thank you gift package with all her favorite Lightlife products included when she returns home. We can’t say thank you enough to Lisa, and all of our armed forces, for everything you do for our country. Best wishes from the Lightlife Team, we hope you get home safe and sound soon!

Do you have a unique story to share about your love for Lightlife? We would love to hear all about it if you do!


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