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It’s giveaway time! Why do you choose Lightlife?

The team here at Lightlife is always trying to figure out what we can do better to serve you – our loyal fans. Every day I interact with our Facebook and Twitter fans, talking about everything from great recipes using Lightlife products, to family cook-outs and favorite vegetarian restaurants around the country. I’ve heard from … Continue reading

Urban Renewal

What does urban renewal mean to you? The last place I visited on my trip to NYC was The High Line, and it really got me thinking about that question. The term urban renewal has been around for quite some time in this country and can mean a wide variety of things depending on who … Continue reading

From Farm to Table…

Last week I wrote about my trip to New York City and my fantastic meal at Eataly. If you happened to miss the post – I’d recommend checking out my pictures of the experience – what a great meal! Lucky for me, my trip didn’t end there! I also got the chance to stroll through … Continue reading

Notebooks, pens, lunch boxes – oh my!

Back to school means lunch boxes to fill, so why not start the school year off right with a lunch your kids will love, filled with Lightlife! Children have so many opportunities to eat junk food, making it vital for parents to feed them nutritious food whenever they have the chance. Many are tempted to … Continue reading

Manhattan, grilled peaches, and my dream market…

Last week I took a trip to New York City – a city filled with endless things to look at, a million places to eat and shop, and the best place on earth to people watch. Well maybe not on Earth – since I haven’t tried people watching everywhere quite yet – but I would … Continue reading

How to cook Gimme Lean and Smart Ground

Have you ever picked up a package of Lightlife’s Gimme Lean Sausage® and not known what to do with it? How about our Smart Ground®? If you’re new to vegetarianism, trying to cook without meat for the first time, or a long time veg who has never tried Lightlife products before; these two products may … Continue reading

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