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Manhattan, grilled peaches, and my dream market…

Last week I took a trip to New York City – a city filled with endless things to look at, a million places to eat and shop, and the best place on earth to people watch. Well maybe not on Earth – since I haven’t tried people watching everywhere quite yet – but I would guess it comes close! 😉

With so many people to please in the city, finding food that meets your needs and expectations is fairly easy. I was in search of a vegetarian friendly lunch place that was quick, but where the food didn’t reflect its speed. Well ask and you shall receive! I ended up at a place called Eataly on 5th Ave. With a head chef like Mario Batali, I had a feeling I couldn’t go wrong.


To call it a market would be an understatement – Eataly consists of various stations selling everything from fresh mozzarella to kitchen gadgets and espresso beans. Among the different shopping sections there are numerous stations to sit down and have a bite to eat. One foot in the door and I was immediately in wonderland, getting lost among all the amazing things to take pictures of. Talk about being an obvious tourist!


If it wasn’t for this sign on the wall that caught my eye, I might have walked right past the vegetarian section called Le Verdure.


The 8 Rules of Vegetable Enjoyment?! I want one for my kitchen!

The poster was a sure sign that this was the right place for me, and boy was the sign right! Grilled peaches and Portobello mushroom over arugula and a light balsamic reduction. Who would have thought to combine peaches and Portobello mushrooms? I’m not sure who thought it up, but bravo to whomever did because it was seriously one of the best lunches I’ve had in years. It’s inspired me to think outside of the box when cooking – I am looking forward to experimenting with some of the different Lightlife products!


With an extremely satisfied tummy and lots of energy to expend, I spent the rest of the day perusing some of the city’s finest farmers markets and gardens, and have loads to share with you.

Stay tuned this month as I take you through the Chelsea Market, the Highline, and the Union Square Farmers Market with pictures of my adventure.

What cities do you find have the best vegetarian restaurants? Are you a New Yorker, or frequent visitor? Where is your favorite veg friendly place to eat in the city?


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4 thoughts on “Manhattan, grilled peaches, and my dream market…

  1. Union Square Farmers Market is my favorite! I am looking forward to your photos!

    Posted by trueindigo | September 6, 2011, 2:10 pm
  2. A round of applause to your blog.Much cheers. Want more.

    Posted by mercurial vapor | September 20, 2011, 2:18 am


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