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Notebooks, pens, lunch boxes – oh my!

Back to school means lunch boxes to fill, so why not start the school year off right with a lunch your kids will love, filled with Lightlife!

Children have so many opportunities to eat junk food, making it vital for parents to feed them nutritious food whenever they have the chance. Many are tempted to grab that extra candy bar from the vending machine, and they often pick soda over water – who can really blame them? If it’s right in front of them, their developing minds are telling them YUMMY SUGAR!

Efforts to put healthy options into school cafeterias are growing rapidly, but until it’s universal throughout our country that your child can get something other than fries and greasy pizza at school, it’s the parents job to fill in the gaps.

No matter what you or your child is used to eating for lunch, Lightlife has an option for you. Our Smart Deli line covers just about any sandwich option you can dream of. I personally love 3 slices of Smart Deli Turkey with lettuce, tomatoes, a few pieces of basil and mayo and mustard on their respective sides – now that’s a sandwich! Maybe that’s a little too much for your school lunches, but Smart Deli Turkey and American cheese on white bread is great too! My point is that no matter what the sandwich is – be it elaborate or your picky eater’s favorite – replacing sandwich meat with Smart Deli Turkey, Ham, or Bologna is a good choice because they have zero cholesterol, no added nitrates and less than 4g of fat per serving. The best part about using Smart Deli is that if you don’t say anything about the change, I bet no one will notice!


Another great lunch idea is mock chick’n or tuna salads. Smart Tenders or Smart Strips Chick’n make great chicken replacements in your favorite chicken salad recipes. Or, you can make mock tuna salad with crumbled soy tempeh!

Smart Tenders Savory Chick'n

Smart Strips Chick'n

Soy Tempeh Crumbles

Want to take advantage of the last few days of summer? What about preparing a Smart Dog for lunch the night before? Or including some Smart Wings BBQ? Once their friends smell and see how good the lunch you prepared looks, you might be fielding calls from other parents wanting to know where they can get their hands on some Lightlife!


Start the school year off right, and show your kids that different options in their lunch boxes can be tasty too! The sooner they develop an open mind and good eating habits the better!

What does your child usually want for lunch at school? Have you been successful at integrating healthy options into their diet? If you had to give advice to the parent who wanted to incorporate healthy choices into their picky eaters diet – what would you say?


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2 thoughts on “Notebooks, pens, lunch boxes – oh my!

  1. Could I republish this article on my blog “Happy Veggie Kids” with full credit and links of course- great article, full of useful information for vegetarian families getting back to school …

    Posted by happyveggiekids (@happyveggiekids) | September 20, 2011, 11:22 pm

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