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From Farm to Table…

Last week I wrote about my trip to New York City and my fantastic meal at Eataly. If you happened to miss the post – I’d recommend checking out my pictures of the experience – what a great meal! Lucky for me, my trip didn’t end there! I also got the chance to stroll through the Union Square market.

I’ve always loved New York City, but thinking about not having access to food from local famers has always deterred me from making the move. On my visit a few weeks ago though, I was educated about the Union Square Greenmarket and everything it does for the citizens of the big apple. Not only does it stay open year round, but it serves local restaurants as well individuals. Who would have known that the people you see walking through the market are not only buying for themselves, but in some instances for an entire restaurant!

The Union Square Greenmarket demonstrates the saying farm to table every day. From tables of overflowing vegetables to flowers and fruit, it’s just as easy to pick out ingredients for a gourmet meal as it is to grab a quick snack as you rush to catch the nearby subway. It doesn’t matter what type of table you have today – the market has something straight from a farm to fill it with. Even if you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, the vendors are extremely helpful and know what they’re selling like the back of their hands.



Want to support innovative individuals right in your own city? How about buying honey produced by bees on the rooftops of NYC?! Yes – that’s right – honey made right in the heart of New York City!

So I guess it’s time for me to change my opinion on eating fresh and local in big cities! It’s quite clear that in New York there is plenty of access to local farmers and their goods. It may even be more convenient than in rural towns where farmers markets only stay open for a few hours on select days of the week. Fresh produce all day everyday – yes please! And to top it all off – there’s a Whole Foods right across the street that carries an ample supply of Lightlife products, what a great opportunity to combine your farm fresh produce with some protein-packed items like Organic Tempeh in our Marinated Tempeh pasta with fresh vegetables.

What more could a girl ask for packed into a few short blocks!? 🙂

Do you live in a big city and have access to local produce? What about your local restaurants? Do they have the ability to source their ingredients locally as well?


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