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Crispy Apple Halloween Treats

When I was a kid I used to go from door to door on Halloween for hours with my girlfriends, racing to see who could go home with the biggest pillow case of candy. Every year I would end up with enough candy to last me straight through the holidays, so Mom would have to … Continue reading

Lightlife at The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival!

We want to meet you!! Nothing beats a festival filled with vegetarian food and people who come from far and wide to experience it! VegFests seem to be popping up all over the country lately, but one that’s on its sixteenth year anniversary is The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. I’m thrilled to announce that Lightlife … Continue reading

Tis the Season for Fall Foliage… and Soups!

When the leaves start to change outside, my stomach immediately craves homemade soups. Not one soup in particular, not even one soup a week – I’m talking multiple kinds of soup back to back. Maybe it’s the change in temperature, or perhaps it’s the beautiful fall colors that cover every inch of The Pioneer Valley … Continue reading

VeganMoFo Giveaway!

Have you noticed an increase in vegan chatter online this month? Vegan recipes, pictures, and commentary flood the blogosphere throughout the month of October on account of The Vegan Month of Food. The event – better known as VeganMoFo – all started when a group of bloggers organized a movement in the vegan community across … Continue reading

So much basil, so little time!

So you say you have basil coming out of your ears, and you aren’t sure what to do with it all? Mmmm yea…me too! I’m not sure what happened to my basil plant this year, but boy did it sustain my need for Pesto Pizza with Italian Smart Sausages throughout the summer! I must have … Continue reading

Pot Stickers – inspired by yours truly!

When I’m trying to follow a recipe in my kitchen, I often have a hard time sticking to exactly what the instructions tell me to do. It’s not because I don’t trust the recipe – I just always find myself needing to add or subtract things as I go. The more I learn to use … Continue reading

Who’s talking about eating meatless?

It seems as though every time I turn on the TV I’m hearing someone talk about eating vegan, or reducing the amount of meat in their diet! Is it just me, or does it seem as though people are really starting to catch on?! When I saw Oprah, and Martha Stewart talk about the benefits … Continue reading

The Natural Products Expo – A Vegetarian Foodie’s Dream Come True

I’ve been a vegetarian since my freshman year of college, and I’ve never once looked back after making the transition. Working for Lightlife has allowed me to have some pretty incredible experiences that just happen to align with my lifestyle perfectly. Attending the Natural Product Expos accounts for a few of those experiences.   Last … Continue reading

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