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The Natural Products Expo – A Vegetarian Foodie’s Dream Come True

I’ve been a vegetarian since my freshman year of college, and I’ve never once looked back after making the transition. Working for Lightlife has allowed me to have some pretty incredible experiences that just happen to align with my lifestyle perfectly. Attending the Natural Product Expos accounts for a few of those experiences.


Last weekend I took a trip down to Baltimore to walk the floor of the Natural Products Expo East. If you’ve never been to an event like this before – let me just tell you – it’s incredibly fun if you consider yourself a foodie. Every year I feel like I’m 5-years-old standing in a humongous candy shop where everything is free. So yes – just like a 5-year-old would hear from their parent -I have say to myself: Rachael pace yourself; you’re going to be here for six whole hours!

This year I started off with a few interesting snacks. Two perfect solutions for a quick munch on the run…


I then quickly moved on to a few varieties of chips – hummus & sesame tortillas and kale chips to be exact. Don’t have time to make kale chips at home, but you’ve always wanted to try them? Well, of course someone would have thought of a solution for that! These would both go perfectly with our Chili, especially with the cooler weather on its way.


This dried soup mix really caught my eye – everything you need right in a bag, just add vegetable broth and you’ve got gourmet soup without breaking your back!

Next were the desserts. Don’t be fooled – I tried just about everything I could get my hands on – but these three were a few of my favorites. Some of the best chocolate truffles I’ve ever tasted, frozen fruit pops that literally had nothing added beyond the fruit, and dark chocolate covered Goji mix and quinoa. Talk about interesting…


At this point I was in desperate need of something refreshing, and whoa did I find it! Harmless Harvest had samples of their 100% raw coconut water and I have to say it was like nothing I’ve tasted before. What really blew me away though was the story behind how they harvest the ingredients for each product. (Check out their website for some more information) Nothing makes me happier than to see a group of incredibly passionate people working hard to make a difference, and this group was just that.


Hungry yet? I know I am after looking through all my pictures…even though I left the show thinking I couldn’t eat another bite for at least a week. That thought lasted a total of about five hours though 😉

Have you ever been to a Natural Products Expo? Did you make it to any other food festivals or events this year? If you haven’t ever experienced the fun – come on out to the Boston Vegetarian Festival later this month. I’ll be there serving some Lightlife deliciousness – more details to come soon!


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