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Cooking tips from my friends at the Boston VegFest!

I can’t think of a better place to get tips on how to prepare vegetarian food, then a festival like the Boston Vegetarian Festival. I’ve already told you all how much fun I had, and even who I had the pleasure of meeting, but I haven’t talked much about the new ways I learned to use our Gimme Lean Sausage and Smart Dogs from the fabulous folks I chatted with!

We were dishing out our samples as fast as we could cook em’, but we still had a line that took a good half an hour to wait in. It’s funny, I thought people would be grumpy by the time they reached the table, but people were surprisingly cheery! Don’t get me wrong – there were certainly a handful of people who were taking their free samples a tad too seriously – but overall people were greeting us with smiling faces. Since we had some grazing time at the table, I really got to know some of the people waiting there and boy did I learn some awesome tips!

I eat Gimme Lean for breakfast all the time, but one man suggested eating it with Agave syrup and pancakes next time. Sounds pretty good if you ask me!

Another great suggestion was to put Daiya cheddar in between the crescent roll and Smart Dogs in our Smart Dogs in a blanket recipe to get some “melty goodness”. I just love the descriptions some people have for food, the possibilities are endless. Have checked out our new recipes yet? Let us know what other ways you would switch these up!

One couple told me how they make our Smart Dogs in a Blanket recipe for all their sport related parties. They serve them as finger food and their guests never know that they aren’t real hotdogs! I wish I was invited to a football party with veggie apps – YUM!

A couple of other tips I picked up were to crumble the Gimme Lean on top of a pizza for the last ten minutes of baking, and to try our Shepherd’s pie recipe with Gimme instead of Smart Ground. (Stay tuned – the recipe is coming soon to our FB page!) I’ve only ever tried the recipe with Smart Ground, but I’m pretty excited to change it up next time around!

Do you have any fun tips or recipes for our Smart Dogs or Gimme Lean Sausage? I’d love to hear your ideas – it’s nice to get other perspectives on ingredients I use so often!


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