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Easy Vegetarian Soup Recipes to take the chill out…

Usually the dark cold months of winter put me in the mood for hot soup and chili – vegetarian of course. Actually, the reality is I love soup all day every day. It could be 80 degrees outside, and I would still love myself a big bowl of vegetarian chili. When it’s freezing outside though, … Continue reading

National Hot Tea Month: Dare to Pair with your Vegetarian Recipes!

Attention vegetarians cooks! Did you know that tea can be paired with food, just like wine can? Or that herbal tea can be used to ease cold symptoms, keep you alert, or help you relax and fall asleep? Of course everyone reacts differently to herbal teas, but in my experience they can do wonders! January … Continue reading

Orange-Ginger Glazed Tempeh: An Easy Vegan Recipe

Being a vegetarian, exploring the produce isle is one of the small joys in life. The other day I was at my local Whole Foods and was pleasantly surprised to see row after row of beautiful citrus fruits just waiting for someone to buy them. I’ve been eating so many root vegetables lately from my … Continue reading

Top 5 Moments from 2011!

2011 was quite the year here at Lightlife. Working for a vegetarian food company with thousands of passionate fans means there is never a dull moment! Almost every day I interact with individuals who are unique, intelligent, and incredibly devoted to living a compassionate life style. I’m inspired by new recipes on a daily basis, … Continue reading

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