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Lightlife® supports Urban Farming™ to help end hunger!

Lightlife has been a longtime supporter of charitable organizations supporting healthy lifestyles and our planet Earth. It’s one of the main reasons I love working here – I can really feel good about what we do at Lightlife, because I know we are making our contribution to society. For over 30 years now, we’ve given back 5% of profits to local, national, and even some global organizations!

Today I’m very excited to announce that we’ve decided to partner with Urban Farming™ – a  fantastic organization whose mission is to end hunger, empower people and encourage healthier eating through sustainable residential and community gardens. This year, our donation will help grow 25 tons of food and fee and estimated 50,000 people! That’s a whole lot of food if you ask me!!

Not only will our contribution help support the Urban Farming™ mission; we are also asking you all to help us grow the seeds of sustainability by taking part in our Plant Our Future Campaign—and encouraging others to do so. Please visit Lightlife’s Facebook page to find more details on how you can participate and help the cause!“We are excited to partner with Lightlife – which has a long history of giving backing to local communities – on the “Plant Our Future” initiative,” says Joyce Lapinsky, head of program development and strategic alliances for Urban Farming. “Lightlife’s philosophy to help Americans lead healthier lives aligns perfectly with the Urban Farming mission and together we will empower and inspire thousands of Americans to become engaged in making healthier food choices.”

Throughout 2012, Lightlife is working closely with Urban Farming to promote planting gardens across America and a shift to healthier communities. Stay tuned because I plan on sharing our journey together right here as it unfolds throughout the year!

Do you have a community or residential garden? What do you think of the cause we are supporting? Do you plan on joining our Plant Our Future Campaign!?


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