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Lightlife Debuts New Products and Partnership with Urban Farming at the Natural Products Expo West

The Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural products trade show, was quite a show this year – with record breaking numbers of attendees and exhibitors. It was a whirlwind of a weekend to say the least! We debuted our new look along with our four new frozen entrees and veggie burgers and they were a hit! Can’t forget about our newly improved, grillable Smart Dog either – people always stop by for a Smart Dog while they are walking the show, and this year was no different. 🙂


The ever-knowledgeable Joyce and Marijane from Urban Farming – our new partners in the Plant our Future campaign – were there with me educating our fans about the fantastic things their organization does for communities across the country. Attendees walking the show had the opportunity to register their garden with the Urban Farming Global Food Chain® – Marijane had over 100 people sign up!              

Beyond meeting Joyce and Marijane, I met a ton of fantastic people who stopped by our booth – I couldn’t believe there were so many amazing, likeminded people all in one place at the same time. VegTV stopped by for an interview, along with The Healthy Voyager, Gen’s Guiltless Gourmet, The Spork Foods sisters and many more. I was truly honored to meet so many amazing people all in one weekend. I’m hoping to do a few guest posts with some of these fantastic chefs, so stay tuned!


Aside from meeting everyone who stopped by our booth, walking the show was an adventure this year. My morning stop is always FAGE – I can’t get enough of their yogurt!

Kombucha seemed to be everywhere – I tried Reed’s Ginger Brew’s new line and it was fantastic. I’m a big fan of Kombucha and was happy to see so many companies coming out with their own versions. Another highlight for me was the Gaiam booth. I needed a new travel yoga mat and was quite excited to see them at the show!

Mrs May’s Fruit Rounds also made their debut at the show, and I CAN NOT wait for them to hit a store near me. I’m somewhat of a chocolate-oholic, and of course adore fruit as well, so when I saw dried fruit covered in chocolate in convenient reseal-able snack packages, I couldn’t resist!

I must say though, out of everything I saw at the show, the product I’m the most excited about is Daiya’s new wedges. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Daiya shreds, so when I saw that they now have wedges I couldn’t wait to get over to their booth to get a sample. Grab our new Backyard Grill’n burgers with a slice of their wedges for a fantastic combination!


Even this toddler couldn’t get enough of the pair!Overall the weekend was a huge success! I can’t wait to get together with a few of the chefs, Lightlife fans, Urban Farmers and bloggers I connected with, there is so much more to come!

Have you tried our new frozen entrees and veggie burgers yet? Do you think you’ll try them with Daiya’s new wedges when they arrive at a store near you?


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4 thoughts on “Lightlife Debuts New Products and Partnership with Urban Farming at the Natural Products Expo West

  1. I just finished my first backyard grill’n burger and have to say that I’m very impressed. It has a really good density to it, a good size, and I can imagine it holding up well to being cooked on the grill.

    Posted by Stacey E | April 13, 2012, 6:41 pm
  2. Was looking forward to trying your new burgers only to find them today and disappointed they contain eggs. I do not eat eggs. Seems they are not for everyone especially vegans. too bad.

    Posted by Li | May 10, 2012, 4:49 pm


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