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Celebrate Earth Day and Cut Meat Out One Day a Week!

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve planted a tree on Earth Day. I used to bring home tiny saplings from school and my Mom would let me plant them in the backyard. This is one that I planted when I was in kindergarten. I’m dating myself by showing how big it’s grown…ah! 😉This year I planted my Urban Farming Plant Our Future tomato kit. The seeds have already sprouted and are getting closer to being ready to go outside. I’m hoping to repot them on Earth Day but it may be a little too early still. I can’t wait to have tomatoes growing right on my porch. It will eliminate any need to contribute to the transportation involved in purchasing them at the store!In addition to planting my tomato plants this year on Earth Day, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I could do on a regular basis to reduce my environmental footprint. Being a vegetarian is already something that I do every day, but it’s funny how easily I forget the impact that it has on our environment! Out of every environmental effort I practice, I believe eating a vegetarian diet has the greatest impact.

Thanks to the research of the Environmental Working Group and others groups such as Meatless Mondays, the news that eating meat-free is good for the environment is starting to spread. According to the EWG’s study, eating 1 less burger per week is equivalent to taking your car off the road for 320 miles, or line-drying your clothes half of the time. Isn’t that incredible!? It just goes to show that eating meat-free even one day a week is making a difference. Why not swap out meat for a Lightlife product more often then?In honor of Earth Day 2012, I’ve decided to pledge to spread the word about how easy it is to make an environmental impact by eating meat-free. We all have the opportunity to make a choice about what we eat – why not make a choice to have the meat-free option whenever possible?

Will you help me in spreading the word?

Share this post with your friends and family, and encourage them to reduce the amount of meat they eat. There’s no commitment necessary – in fact I even suggest starting small if eating vegetarian sounds intimidating to you. We have lots of recipes to help ease the transition, and I’m always here to answer questions. Together we can help Americans realize just how easy it is to reduce their environmental footprint!


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