Our resident blogger and veggie enthusiast, Rachael, gives you an insight into the vegetarian world as well as a peek at what’s new in Turners Falls. She is looking forward to sharing her stories about living as a vegetarian, pursuing her passions of dance, yoga and music and working at Lightlife.

About Lightlife:

It all started in 1979 when Michael Cohen, an original partner in the New England Soy Dairy in Greenfield, MA sensed an opportunity to introduce the Indonesian staple, Tempeh, to the American dinner plate.

In 1985, they launched Tofu Pups, a healthier, veggie alternative to the good ol’ American hot dog. And thus, Lightlife was born and the seeds of a veggie revolution were planted.

Today, Lightlife’s wide range of nutritious veggie protein products makes it deliciously easy for people to eat veggie. But our efforts go further than simply food.

That’s why since setting up shop 30 years ago, we’ve contributed 5% of our net profits to organizations that work to protect children, the environment and human rights.

For more information about Lightlife please visit: http://www.Lightlife.com

Or follow Lightlife on Facebook & Twitter!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Really like your Fakin’ Bakin’ but how about a gluten-free one! Can’t do the wheat – a celiac…don’t think you really need the wheat in there – you’re not using barley tempeh and there are many other options to use as a binder. That would make me, my children, and grandchildren VERY happy!! Thanks for the consideration!!

    Posted by Starr Hergenrather | April 8, 2012, 3:23 pm

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