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National Picnic Month

Hopefully the ridiculous heat waves sweeping the country passed you by now. What an absurdly hot month it has been! I love summer, but come on sun – give us a break! 😉 August is National Picnic Month, but I have a feeling we haven’t been celebrating as a country this year as we usually … Continue reading

Grilling with Lightlife

I’ve never been much of a griller myself. It could be because I’ve yet to live on my own in a place with a yard big enough for an actual grill though. 😛 After reading blog after blog with grilling recipes that literally started to make my mouth water, I decided it was time to … Continue reading

Memorial Day Grilling – Yum!

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Even if it’s been warm enough outside already, it really is the first weekend that everyone makes a point to get to the beach or host a BBQ. It also happens to be the same weekend as my best friend’s birthday, so needless … Continue reading

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