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Vegan Cookbook Giveaway: Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites

Are you looking for a vegan cookbook to satisfy those crowds with bigger appetites? Or maybe you’re the only vegan in a household of meat-eaters, looking for recipes that will please everyone? If so, Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites is the perfect cookbook for you! I’ll be giving away a copy of this fantastic … Continue reading

Easy Vegetarian Soup Recipes to take the chill out…

Usually the dark cold months of winter put me in the mood for hot soup and chili – vegetarian of course. Actually, the reality is I love soup all day every day. It could be 80 degrees outside, and I would still love myself a big bowl of vegetarian chili. When it’s freezing outside though, … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is a day when people gather with their loved ones to sit and enjoy a meal together. I believe you should always have a meal that tries to suit everyone at your table, and because this special day is all about being together, it should be no exception. As I’ve mentioned before, the Meatless … Continue reading

Tis the Season for Fall Foliage… and Soups!

When the leaves start to change outside, my stomach immediately craves homemade soups. Not one soup in particular, not even one soup a week – I’m talking multiple kinds of soup back to back. Maybe it’s the change in temperature, or perhaps it’s the beautiful fall colors that cover every inch of The Pioneer Valley … Continue reading

National Picnic Month

Hopefully the ridiculous heat waves sweeping the country passed you by now. What an absurdly hot month it has been! I love summer, but come on sun – give us a break! 😉 August is National Picnic Month, but I have a feeling we haven’t been celebrating as a country this year as we usually … Continue reading

Grilling with Lightlife

I’ve never been much of a griller myself. It could be because I’ve yet to live on my own in a place with a yard big enough for an actual grill though. 😛 After reading blog after blog with grilling recipes that literally started to make my mouth water, I decided it was time to … Continue reading

Memorial Day Grilling – Yum!

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Even if it’s been warm enough outside already, it really is the first weekend that everyone makes a point to get to the beach or host a BBQ. It also happens to be the same weekend as my best friend’s birthday, so needless … Continue reading

Root Veggies

Oh, how I love root veggies! It’s a little bit like a love affair actually. Of course I love all veggies, all the time, but there is something about the ones that come from under the ground that really just get me. Just kidding, I’m not really that obsessed with them, but I do particularly … Continue reading

Cindi Avila’s Recipe of the Month- Easy Penne

It’s that time again! Last night I made Chef Cindi Avila’s Easy Penne recipe featuring Lightlife Smart Sausages® Italian Style. If you’re looking for a fast weeknight meal that looks and tastes like it took much longer to prepare than it really did, this is the recipe for you! To cook the entire meal, it … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Recipes by Cindi Avila!

I’m not sure about you all but sometimes with everything going on in my life, I just don’t have time to fully prepare myself for the holidays. But, I’m in luck this year… and so are you if you are in need of some last minute recipe ideas like I am. Cindi Avila, renowned vegetarian … Continue reading

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