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A Vegetarian Recipe Just for Mom

Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day is essential. There really is nothing quite like playing the role of a mother, and they deserve the upmost respect and appreciation for doing what they do! This year I’m planning a special outing with Mama-Blogitarian, but I can’t spoil the surprise because I know she is reading this. 😉 … Continue reading

A Cookbook Giveaway: Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World!

Have you heard of the Healthy Voyager? Her recipes are all over the veg online world and I have always wanted to try them. This year at Expo West I had the honor of meeting her in person!!We got to chat about how much she loves Lightlife products, and after hearing how excited I was … Continue reading

Lightlife’s Vegetarian Recipe of the Month – Creamy Chick’n Lasagna

Have you been to Lightlife’s website recently? How about our recipe of the month section? Every month we update our homepage to feature a new vegetarian or vegan recipe we think you’ll all enjoy. This month’s is our Creamy Chick’n Lasagna with Smart Strips Chick’n! It’s the perfect ooey gooey dish that the whole family … Continue reading

Vegetarian Valentine’s Day Recipes & Treats

What’s more perfect than a vegetarian Valentine’s Day Recipe for that special someone to let them know you care?? Ditch those candy hearts and expensive chocolates, and make your loved one a meatless meal with a couple of my favorite vegetarian recipes. Nothing says I love you like a delicious, home cooked vegetarian Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

Vegetarian Appetizers for the BIG Game!

Vegetarian appetizers are a must have this time of year for so many of us. With all eyes on the TV screen, who wants to pay attention to a fork and knife? Like so many of us know from personal experience, the only thing worse than having to use your fork and knife at a … Continue reading

Easy Vegetarian Soup Recipes to take the chill out…

Usually the dark cold months of winter put me in the mood for hot soup and chili – vegetarian of course. Actually, the reality is I love soup all day every day. It could be 80 degrees outside, and I would still love myself a big bowl of vegetarian chili. When it’s freezing outside though, … Continue reading

National Hot Tea Month: Dare to Pair with your Vegetarian Recipes!

Attention vegetarians cooks! Did you know that tea can be paired with food, just like wine can? Or that herbal tea can be used to ease cold symptoms, keep you alert, or help you relax and fall asleep? Of course everyone reacts differently to herbal teas, but in my experience they can do wonders! January … Continue reading

Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes…MmMm Good!

I must say – Kathy Hester’s cookbook The Vegan Slow Cooker has changed my cooking routine tremendously! I have yet to make something that hasn’t been absolutely outstanding. As I’ve already mentioned, slow cookers are not my forte. However, I’d like to renege on my previous comment and change it to – I now have … Continue reading

Tis’ the season for giveaways… and chili!

Has anyone read Kathy Hester’s new cookbook called The Vegan Slow Cooker? Kathy – a food writer, recipe developer, and blogger specializing in healthy cooking and slow cookers – was nice enough to send me a copy of her new cookbook before it was even released. Thank you Kathy! Even though I love the book, … Continue reading

Cooking tips from my friends at the Boston VegFest!

I can’t think of a better place to get tips on how to prepare vegetarian food, then a festival like the Boston Vegetarian Festival. I’ve already told you all how much fun I had, and even who I had the pleasure of meeting, but I haven’t talked much about the new ways I learned to … Continue reading

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