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New Year’s Eve Party Appetizers!

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. It marks the end of a year – but more importantly – signifies the start of a brand new one with opportunities to start fresh! Parties are always a blast, but nothing is worse than arriving excited only to find they’re serving appetizers that aren’t veggie friendly.

After spending a few years wishing I had brought a dish along with me, I now make a point to bring my own vegetarian appetizer wherever I go. This year I haven’t quite decided which recipe I’m going to make for the big night, so I thought I’d share my top four with you all to see what you think.

Two of my go-to appetizer recipes are our Pot Stickers and Smart Dogs in a Blanket.


The Smart Dogs in a blanket are amazing in a pinch – with only two ingredients you really can’t go wrong. Our Pot Stickers are very tasty as well, but take much longer than the Smart Dogs. Well worth it though if you have the time!

Two other options I’m considering are our Mini Calzones with Smart Deli Pepperoni, and Stuffed Mushrooms with Gimme Lean Sausage.



I tested these two out this week and they both turned out fantastic. Now I’m not sure which to pick! Knowing me, I’ll probably end up making multiple recipes. 😉

Which recipe would you chose to bring to a New Year’s Eve party? Or if you’re planning your own party, what’s on your menu? Keeping it to appetizers only? Or are you going all out?


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